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Our Songs and Compilations

Love Is Trance

"Love Is Trance" is a new sampler by RexxBeatz, our vs. song with Soyana Project is the 9th track.

Release 23.3.2017

Music For Skateboarding, Vol. 2

"Music For Skateboarding, Vol. 2" is a new sampler by RexxBeatz, our Remix "Ocean of time" that we made for Matt Pincer is the song

Release is 28.2.2017

Trance 4 Friends, Vol. 4

Our new song Exhale will be realeased on "Trance 4 Friends Vol.4" (Trance Gold Records)
Release is 25.2.2017

Trance is Alive 2017

New sampler by RexxBeatz "Trance is Alive 2017" . In this sampler is our vs. Project with Soyana. Release is 17.2.2017


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