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Our Songs and Compilations

Trance Trackz 2017

"Trance Trackz 2017" is an new Sampler by Rexxbeatzz . Hot Sommer Night is the 10th Song.

Release is 5.5.2017

Beats For Cycling

Beats For Cycling is a new Sampler by Rexxbeatzz. Our vs. project "Hot Summer Night" is the 7th Track. Release is 28.4.2017

Trance Your Way Through The World

Trance Gold Records presents the new Sampler "Trance Your Way Through The World" our new Song "Exhale" is the 9th Song.

Release is 28.4.2017

Dance Nation (100% Trance And Progressive)

Our Hot Summer Night Song with Sonaya Project will not stop!

New Sampler 27.4. by Rexxbeatz our Song is the 4th Song




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